Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resolutions 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010
Everyone is asking me as to what my resolution was??Well my answer for them "i don't have any".I have so far never taken any new year resolutions.Y don't i take one??No, i will take 'Some'(Idhula ena kanja thanam).I know that i won't be able to fulfill all my resltns,but i will try to do some few.I have listed out many things which i was not able to do these long yrs and some of those would be my New yr resolutions as there must be some "Driving Force"la.

1.Final Exams ku Padikanum
First and foremost i should prepare for my final exams to be held in Nov2010.Parpom,I dunno whether i m gonna write or skip this attempt(Lol..).I would like to classify the so called "Attending classes" as a sub-category.

2.Build my Body
To improve my physic to "Konjamavadhu Pakaradhuku"condition.

3.Learn Yoga
This is one of my serious resolution because its a long pending one.

4.Watch IMDB'S TOP 250
Being a movie freak,i should somehow complete IMDB'S TOP 250 films this year.I managed to complete atleast 25% last year.(Edhuku vena resolution edukalam nu solradhuku idhu oru example)

5.To free my Muscle Knots in shoulders

6.To bring a Flat Stomach(Adhavadhu ABS madiri,6 packs ila)

7.Last one,not to have any resolutions in the coming years!!!



Janani said...

Hey hi :) went thro all yo topics..nice ones :)

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