Sunday, June 8, 2008

On Cloud 9....

Sunday, June 8, 2008
This happened almost 2 yrs back, yet i cant be without sharing this most unexpected incident that i came across in ma life.
I got a cal from ma mom saying that we have got a pass for attending the "Poi" audio release function which is to presided by Kamal Hasaan and Rajnikanth.With much of expectations,I entered the hall and managed to find a place at the last row of the hall.Then I kept on watching entrance so that i could see Rajnikanth so close, but suddenly there was a bit of commotion in the hall and surprisingly he walked through from the backstage in his black kurtas waving his hands to his fans.The moment i saw him, I realised why people cal him as the "Style Samrat" The Grace,the charm,the style,the Charisma!!!Impeccable!!!! Then the Function began and I was literally standing in ma seat so that i could catch a glimpse of ma favourite star.Then came 'Ulaga Nayagan' Kamal Hassan with cameras flashing like lightnings and he made his way through the crowd confining himself to the security guards and sat beside Rajnikanth.I was restless and i decided that i should somehow get Rajni's Autograph.But how?I should pass all those security barricades but i cant.Then i went to one of the volunteers over there and pleaded him to get me an autograph from him but he was helpless.Then I waited for the dance programmes to end and I literally became restless.Then it got over.I gained some courage and passed through all those barricades (Believe me None of the security guards were standing on ma way luckily) I stood beside the first row.I saw Rajni just sitting 10 mts away from the place where I was standing.I reacted so fast and stood right in front of him.Unbelievable "The Super Star","The Icon of Style","The Boss"sitting in front of me.I spoke with him(Perusa Onnum Pesala!!!).This is wat i asked him:

Me:Sir,Autograph please

Rajni: Ila, Vendam pa.

Me:Please sir.

Then he got ma petty sized pocket diary and put his autograph and I thanked him and he gestured at me with a smile.Believe me then i got the diary from him and asked Kamal Hassan for his autograph and he took the same with a pleasing smile and he signed his autograph.
Then i heard some voices shouting at me.Those were the security guards.I ignored them and walked away.I was on my cloud nine (Post pana Title soliye aganum la,Adan!!!!Lollz) and i was literally shivering and it took about 10 mins for me to come back to normal.
Then i reached home and took the diary to ma school the very next day to show it to all ma frnds and i walked the whole day with a heroic feeling and a sense of pride that i have achieved something really great which nobody cant(Too much na!!!).But this is natural for all.
I was so lucky that i was able to get the autograph of two legends of Tamil Film Industry and that too at the same time and in the same pocket diary.
Even today when i get reminded of that incident, i dont believe it.But it was really a nice and a pleasing experience.