Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Secret Behind the Ashes Victory

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Former England opener Marcus Trescothick’s in his new autobiography "Coming Back to me" revelation that he illegally used breath mints(Murray Mints) to help his bowlers gain extra swing during the 2005 Ashes series has received a mixed reaction in Australia.He admitted in his new autobiography that his chief job in the field was to shine the ball using “a bit of spit and a lot of polish” with the aid of the breath sweets.This has claimed mixed reactions from players in the field of cricket for going public with the story.

England stunned the cricket world with a 2-1 win in the 2005 Ashes, their first series win against the Australians in 18 years.The reverse swing achieved by England’s bowlers, led by Andrew Flintoff and Simon Jones, was a major factor in the upset victory.

He also revealed that he happened to drop the mints from his pant pockets while taking a catch but neither the umpires nor the batsman happened to notice it.

Some cricketing giants say that it was a tactic to increase the sales of his book.At least now we know why England lost the (next) Ashes: they lost their minty guy.

Anyway they got away with it, good luck to them. You can`t change the result of the Test series, so it`s no good worrying about it


Stadium to replace MAC

An ultra modern will come up at a Chennai suburb for the 2011 World Cup, to be co-hosted by India, in addition to the famous Chepauk Ground located in the heart of the city.

The new stadium would be located at Karunkuzhipallam, about 25 km from Chennai, on a 50-acre plot on Old Mahabalipuram Road.The Stadium would have a seating capacity of 60,000.The special feature of the stadium is that is going to have a Roof-top so as to avoid cancellation of matches due to rains.This is the second stadium going to have a roof top following MCG at Melbourne.It is a dream come true for Chennai.

The New stadium is expected to cost over Rs 100 crore.The financial implications of constructing the stadium and other facilities were being finalised.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kallai Matum Kandal

Sunday, July 6, 2008

When listening to the recently released Dasavatharam songs,a particluar lyric of the song drew my attention.

The Lyrics of the song Kallai Matum Kandal which i mentioned earlier are:

Rajalakshmi naayagan Srinivasan dhaan

Srinivasan saei indha Vishnu dhaasan dhaan

Naattil undu aayiram raaja raajar dhaan

Raajanukku raajan indha Rangarajan dhaan

This translates to “Rajalakshmi’s husband is Srinivasan. Srinivasan’s son is this follower of Vishnu. There may be thousands of kings around. But I, Rangarajan, am king of kings.”

I knew that Kamal Hassan’s parents are Rajalakshmi and Srinivasan. However, I wanted to check for the names of the lyricist Vaali’s parents, specifically if his mother’s name was Rajalakshmi too. It is Ponnammaal, but Vaali’s father is also Srinivasan. Vaali, of course, is the lyricist’s psuedonym. His given name is Rangarajan.

The lines quoted here therefore can be interpreted in different ways. The most straight forward (and probably intended) meaning is such that the first two lines refer to Kamal Hassan the person, and the next two refer to Vaali.

I am of the opinion that an actor, however much talented he might be, must not be an egomaniac if he makes a movie just to beat an existing record for the maximum number of on-screen roles. But then, most actors are egomaniacs. In fact, most people are egoists, so there isn’t anything wrong in a popular actor being an egomaniac.

The Passionate supporters of Kamal Hassan, who have already come up with a thousands of theories to explain the movie, will say that in the movie, Rangaraja Nambi’s parents are Rajalakshmi and Srinivasan. So there is nothing egotistic about the lyrics, and that all four lines are about Rangaraja Nambi.

PS:God only knows the reason behind it(Lollzz!!!)


Plagiarism - Movies

Here i once again come with an interesting topic on Plagiarism.But this time its about the Movies inspired from the West.The average Indian Film viewer does not watch any Hollywood movies or other foreign films.So this gives the film makers an enticing option to resort to the easiest - they rehash the foreign movies,'indianize' them by adding so called "Masala" or "Commercial" items like songs,stunts,comedy,etc and release them.Though not high on creativity they have mastered the art of CUT-COPY-PASTE,which is also challenging in a way.The Hollywood movies in general last for about 90minutes but in India an average film is screened for an average time of 2 hours.So the directors are forced to add some commercial items as mentioned earlier to market the films in India.Most of the audiences are not aware of this fact.So,I have managed to bring out some of the famous Indian films "borrowed"from Foreign films and also giving an overview of the story of the same :


These three films carry the same story line of a Mafia don to whom the people turn for justice. The challenge to the Don’s authority comes, when he refuses to be a part of the narcotic’s business. The role of Don was played by Marlon Brando,Amitabh Bachann and Kamal Hassan in English, Hindi and Tamil Versions respectively.


City of GOD is a movie based on a place called Cidade de deus in the interior parts of Brazil. It involves the harsh realities of the slum world such as drug rackets, gang war and violence. The film also portrays the life of two murderers who ruled the City of god.While Pudpettai is about a everyday-man who ends up as a dreaded ganster.The film also portrays the other end of the society with full of drugs, women and murder. On the other hand Pattiyal is about two orphaned youngsters who lead their life as a contract killer. As a study of gangster's life, Pattiyal is realistic and in some cases depressing.

All these three films focus mainly on the real society and life of the world of gangsters. The mixture of Both Pattiyal and Pudupettai is City of God.


Ghajini is a mere adoption of the film The Memento revolving around a man suffering from short term memory loss who hunts for the person who killed his wife. The hero of the film makes use of the tattoos and notes to identify the intruder.The only difference between the two films is the “Screenplay”,Memento has a complex screenplay because the coloured scenes are told in reverse chronological order while the black and white scenes are done in chronological order. Both the color and black and white scenes are alternately interspersed throughout the movie in a set pattern whereas Ghajini has a perfect screen play of a normal Tamil movie.


Avai Shanmughi is also a mere adoption of the film Mrs.Doubtfire.The film is about a couple after a bitter divorce, the hero disguises himself as a female housekeeper to spend secret time with his children held in custody by his Ex-wife.The climax ends with the reunion of the family.The film was exactly copied by Kamal and was again remade in Hindi.The famous Hollywood star Robin Williams played the ‘father’ character while Kamal did the same in Tamil/Hindi.


Most of us are not aware of this fact that this film is a plagiarized one. The story is about an everyday person having secret relationship with a woman whom he met on a train.The friendship slowly develops into a relationship and finally they land up in a cottage. As they think of making love, a stranger barges in, knocks off the hero and sexually assaults her. And takes their numbers, and starts threatening them. The story finally ends in finding that the woman herself was the reason for the drama that took place in the cottage and it was staged to nab the hero’s money.The director of the tamil version of the film Gautham Menon has added some "commercial elements" to make the film a hit but it turned to be the opposite.


BLACK is a present-day, Sanjay Leela Bhansali interpretation of Helen Keller's exceptional life and the role Annie Sullivan played in her life. The real-life story was presented on the big screen in the Hollywood flick The Miracle Woker [1962].The story is about the life of a teacher who teaches a deaf and dumb girl to communicate and attain graduation. But towards the end of the film, the teacher begins to forget everything.The roles gets reversed now and the student does the same to the teacher.The film “Black” won the National Award for the "Best Actor for the year 2005" for Amitabh Bachann who played the role of the teacher in this film.


Amores perros involves a horrific car accident connects three stories, each involving characters dealing with loss, regret, and life's harsh realities, all in the name of love.While Ayutha Ezhuthu is about the life of three youths who have different perspective towards life until they cross path one day and then life undergoes a sea change for the three.Mani Ratnam has his own style of story telling and creativity. Mani has managed only to lift the base line of the story and has bought out the film to suit the Indian film audiences.

Some of the plagiarized films in India:

Foreign/Other Language filmsIndian Film(Plagiarized)

Sound of Music – Shanthi Nilayam

A Kiss Before dying – Baazigar

Body Double – Pehla Nasha

What about Bob? – Deewana Mastanna

The Gift – Rakht

ET – Koi Mila Gaya

Big – New

Misery – Julie Ganapathy

Christine – Taarzan the wonder car

Unfaithful – Murder

The Eye – Naina

Double Joepordy – Dhosth

The Seven Year Itch – Masti

The Ring – Krishna Cottage

I think i have somehow managed to bring some of the very famous Tamil and Hindi films inspired from the West.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

On Cloud 9....

Sunday, June 8, 2008
This happened almost 2 yrs back, yet i cant be without sharing this most unexpected incident that i came across in ma life.
I got a cal from ma mom saying that we have got a pass for attending the "Poi" audio release function which is to presided by Kamal Hasaan and Rajnikanth.With much of expectations,I entered the hall and managed to find a place at the last row of the hall.Then I kept on watching entrance so that i could see Rajnikanth so close, but suddenly there was a bit of commotion in the hall and surprisingly he walked through from the backstage in his black kurtas waving his hands to his fans.The moment i saw him, I realised why people cal him as the "Style Samrat" The Grace,the charm,the style,the Charisma!!!Impeccable!!!! Then the Function began and I was literally standing in ma seat so that i could catch a glimpse of ma favourite star.Then came 'Ulaga Nayagan' Kamal Hassan with cameras flashing like lightnings and he made his way through the crowd confining himself to the security guards and sat beside Rajnikanth.I was restless and i decided that i should somehow get Rajni's Autograph.But how?I should pass all those security barricades but i cant.Then i went to one of the volunteers over there and pleaded him to get me an autograph from him but he was helpless.Then I waited for the dance programmes to end and I literally became restless.Then it got over.I gained some courage and passed through all those barricades (Believe me None of the security guards were standing on ma way luckily) I stood beside the first row.I saw Rajni just sitting 10 mts away from the place where I was standing.I reacted so fast and stood right in front of him.Unbelievable "The Super Star","The Icon of Style","The Boss"sitting in front of me.I spoke with him(Perusa Onnum Pesala!!!).This is wat i asked him:

Me:Sir,Autograph please

Rajni: Ila, Vendam pa.

Me:Please sir.

Then he got ma petty sized pocket diary and put his autograph and I thanked him and he gestured at me with a smile.Believe me then i got the diary from him and asked Kamal Hassan for his autograph and he took the same with a pleasing smile and he signed his autograph.
Then i heard some voices shouting at me.Those were the security guards.I ignored them and walked away.I was on my cloud nine (Post pana Title soliye aganum la,Adan!!!!Lollz) and i was literally shivering and it took about 10 mins for me to come back to normal.
Then i reached home and took the diary to ma school the very next day to show it to all ma frnds and i walked the whole day with a heroic feeling and a sense of pride that i have achieved something really great which nobody cant(Too much na!!!).But this is natural for all.
I was so lucky that i was able to get the autograph of two legends of Tamil Film Industry and that too at the same time and in the same pocket diary.
Even today when i get reminded of that incident, i dont believe it.But it was really a nice and a pleasing experience.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ban of Autos in Chennai

Saturday, May 31, 2008
Most of the people in Chennai would have experienced the "Pleasing" behaviour of an auto driver in Chennai.They are well known for their haphazard parking,flying in the streets,overloading,creating traffic chaos,etc.I am damn sure that they are the only reasons for the growing traffic in Chennai.There are about 10lakh autos in and around Chennai occupying most of the roads.I wonder why they fly on the roads during peak hours of traffic and not when the roads are empty.In Pondy Bazzar,the autos move slowly like Tortoise and you should also go behind these autos till they get a passenger and he boards the auto.Cant We stop this?

Ya we can by Banning autos in the Chennai.The another way is to stop issuing permits to new autos in the near future.Yesterday as I was returning from Office,traffic constables were diverting autos from entering Panagal Park due to the construction of fly overs.This is a welcoming measure from The Corporation of Chennai and I request them to do the same from Banning Autos from entering Chennai.
A daily newspaper has published about the growing auto stands in Chennai.A Police states"We do take steps to stop the growing amount auto stands with no permission ,disturbing the residents around them.But once we vacate the stand we get threatening calls from the Local Councillor.We are helpless".The auto drivers are influenced some of the local goondas and politicians.

Recently, a Chennaite has filed a petition in the High Court to ban autos in Chennai for creating chaos in the city.He states that Mumbai has banned autos inside the city likewise Chennai should also adopt the same.
Thanks to his efforts and it would be of great help if the higher authorities look up into this as a serious issue.


Monday, May 12, 2008

The Italian Job"A Racy Entertainer"

Monday, May 12, 2008
The film kicks off with the John Bridger (starred by Donald Sutherland) a safe cracker and Mark Whelberg, the mind behind the heist and few others which includes Steve(starred by Edward Norton),stealing millions of worth gold from a gang.But Steve becomes a traitor by killing John and escapes with the loot.

The rest of the gang team up with Stella Bridger (starred by Charlize Thereon), the daughter of John and also an expert safe cracker in her own style evolves a plan to take a revenge against the traitor.
The stunt and chase sequences were well shot and it was very well supported by a good score of background music.The character in this which i liked the most is that of the computer geek Lyle (starred by Seth Green) sweetly called as Napster in the film.
The scenes where Lyle hacks the traffic control system in Los Angels,the Mini Coopers zooming through the Metro Rail tunnel,detects the Truck where the gold had been kept with the help of the air pressure in the tyres was awesome.The dialogues in the film are also to be given a special mention.A sample of those:


The meaning of 'fine'-
f -freaked out
i -insecure
n -neurotic
e -emotional

The persons who are crazy about films like Ocean's 11,Gone in 60 seconds,The Bank Job etc. then "The Italian Job" is of that kind.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

City of God"Raw and Harsh"

Sunday, May 11, 2008
After a short nap in the weekend, i thought of seeing a movie.So i just went through my dvd collections.I just got hold of the movie "City of GOD".Initially i thought it was some kind of spiritual movie but it wasn't.
City of GOD is a movie based on a place called Cidade de deus in the interior parts of Brazil.It involves the harsh realities of the slum world such as drug rackets, gang war and violence. The movie is mainly based on two characters Rocket and Li'l Dice.During 60’s Tender Trio used to rule City of GOD, Li’l Dice joins them. Li’l dice was very ambitious, and step by step tender trio got eliminated and Li’l Dice become the biggest gangster.Benny is the best friend of Li’l Dice and they both become the Drug lords of the town.

While on the other end, Rocket the narrator of this movie is a photographer who earns by giving some good shots of the town which the other photographers fear to enter this area.

This film is a must watch one but for those who hate violence then this is not the film you are searching for.This film is the English version of the tamil movie 'Pudupettai' and 'Pattiyal'.Some scenes in the movie made me think"Is this really happened"?,"Are these really happening in this world"?.The narrator of this movie hails from Citade de deus.Thanks for him for bringing out such a raw,action packed and a harsh film.

Well to have a glimpse of this film,check out the trailer of this film.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nite out in Thiruvanamalai

Thursday, May 1, 2008
It was long since after our school tour(lollz...) me and ma frnds were out for a long trip.Suddenly an idea went through my mind,"Why dont we go to Thiruvanamalai"?.My frnds looked at me weirdly.I have been to Thiruvanamalai.Its usual for the devotees to go for Girivalam i.e.Considering the hill as Lord Shiva we go round it.Its not simple its about 18kms.Everyone thought that its just like Thirupathi to climb the hill but its not.Its just a walk going round the hill.I explained all this to ma friends and they accepted for it.We went by a Govt Bus coz there are no private buses operating in those routes.I know that we were going to enjoy for sure and night is the right time to start our girivalam and we started as planned.We took some nice shots to post it in Orkut(Lollz..)

1.Around 12 - The Start of our Girivalam

2.Around 1

3.Around 2

4.Around 3(As u can see the deserted road behind us)Awesome!!!!!!

5.In the lodge after our Girivalam

"It was one of the best nights ever spent in ma life.We had lots of fun and we decided to visit Thiruvanamalai once in every year."


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Santhosh Subramaniam"A Photocopy"

Saturday, April 26, 2008
Starring:Jeyam Ravi,Prakash Raj,Jenelia

Movie Director:Raja

Music Composer:Devi Sri Prasad

I was forced by ma friend to watch 'Bomarillu' the telegu version of Santhosh Subramaniam.Intially i showed no interest, later the story made me stick to ma seats.It was a lovely film and especially Jenelia's character was excellently potrayed.Days later i was in the theatre to watch Santhosh Subramaniam.I Know its a remake of Bomarillu but i was shocked to see that the scenes,songs and set has been copied in the same manner from Bomarillu.Wont the director have his own imaginations?Cant Raja(Film Director)direct a film from his own script?There is no problem in remaking the film but why should he copy even the scenes,set and the dialogues too.To one extent i thought that the Sidharth's character in Bomarillu was morphed with that of Jayam Ravi and was screened for us.I would suggest Raja,Jeyam Ravi and Editor Mohan known for their remakes come out with a new film from their own script.

The film is a family entertainer.The Story revolves around Father and Son relationship with the father's attitude of selecting everything for his family right from dress to marriage.The father justifies this attitude that it is his duty of every father.But the son wants his future to be decided by him.How the son makes his father realize his mistake is rest of the story.The romantic scenes in the film were shot good.Since the film has been released during the summer holidays which would attract more audiences,the film is going to be run away hit.

Download Songs of Santhosh Subramaniam:


Monday, April 21, 2008

Glimpse of 'Changing Notes'

Monday, April 21, 2008
A Dream come true for me as i met the 'God Of Music' A.R.Rahman.My sincere thanks to Times of India and of course ma schoolmate Pattabi(lol) because we only had passes provided for free by Times of India but he managed to get 5 seats for us in VVIP row(lucky na).

I have to give special mention to the lightings and the Set put on the stage was simply superb creating the exact mood for the song.

The acoustics used were so good which made me to dance for few songs like Chayya Chayya,Athiradi,Dil Se,Enaku Oru Girl Friend and Maduraiku Pogadhadi.

A.R.Rahman made his entry into the stage with the song Jaage hain from Guru.Then he continued with Elam Pugazhum - ATM.

The Performance by Sivamani,Srinivasan and Palanivel was awesome.

The singers who rocked the stage were Shankar Mahadevan,Blaaze,Karthik,Nithyashree,Aslam,Javed Ali,Naresh Iyer and Madhushree.

As the name of the Topic suggests, Hariharan sung Vaaji Vaaji from the film Sivaji from his own notes.Since the background music was a pre- recorded,it made the song so worse.

The songs sung during the programme was:
  • Endendrum Punnagai - Alaipayuthe.
  • Varadhe Nathi Karai Ooram - Sangamam.
  • Vaaji Vaaji - Shivaji.
  • Barso Re - Guru.
  • Newyork Nagaram - Jilunu Oru Kaadhal.
  • Enaku Oru Girlfriend - Boys.
  • Jashna Bahaara - Jodha Akbar.
  • Roobaroo - RDB.
  • Munbe Vaa - JOK.
  • Enna Solla Pogirai - Kandukonden Kandukonden.
  • Kanodu Kaanbathellam - Jeans.
  • Dil Se Re - Dil Se.
  • In Lamhon Ke - Jodha Akbar.
  • Adhiradi - Shivaji.
  • Chaiyya Chaiyya - Dil se.
  • Azeeem Shah - Jodha Akbar.
  • Oru Koodai - Shivaji.
  • Pray for me Brother.
  • Bombay Theme.
  • Khwaja Mere Khwaja - Jodha Akbar.
  • Udhaya Udhaya - Udhaya.
  • Ay Hairathe - Guru.
  • Tumhari Adao Pe - Mangal Pandey.
  • Maiyya Maiyya - Guru.
  • Maduraiku Pogadhadi - ATM .
  • Tere Bina - Guru.
  • Antha Arabic Kadaloram - Bombay.
  • Vande Maataram.
I don't think that I will have to comment anything about the performance as you guys must be knowing what to expect from the Indian Mozart.


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thursday, April 10, 2008
What is Plagiarism? Well its just making use of ones creative work and showing it as their own.Its not a case of forgery but False Attribution.But the One who plagiarizes it claims it as Inspiration.It exists in the field of academics, journalism, film, business, literature, music and politics.

Lets we discuss about plagiarism in the field of music.

As far as Tamil film industry is concerned, many of the cine songs have been plagiarized and they have become an All time Hit!Surprised!So let me post you some of the tamil songs that has been plagiarized.

  • Minnalgal Koothadum
Film: Polladavan
Composer: G.V.Prakash
Inspired From: Akon's Smack That(Click to hear the Song)
  • June Pona
Film:Unnale Unnale
Composer:Harris Jeyraj
Inspired From:Blue All Rise(Click to hear the Song)
  • Maddy - Theme
Composer:Harris Jeyraj
Inspired From:I Love Rock n Roll(Click to hear the Song)
  • Karu Karu vizhigalai
Film:Pachai Killi Muthucharam
Composer:Harris Jeyraj
Inspired From:Hit With You the Real Thing - West Life(Click to hear the Song)
  • Minnalai Pidithu
Composer:Mani Sharma
Inspired From:Ghost and Darkness-Theme(Click to hear the Song)
  • Azhagiya Laila
Film:Ullathai Alli Tha
Inspired From:Ahlamafeki(Click to hear the Song)
  • Hello Mister Edirkatchi
Inspired From:Mephisstomp(Click to hear the Song)
  • Mouna Ragam Theme
Film:Mouna Ragam
Inspired From:Love Theme flash dance(Click to hear the Song)
  • Stranger in Black
Composer:Harris Jeyaraj
Inspired From:Resurrection - Passion of Christ(Click to hear the Song)
  • Akkada Nanangu
Inspired From:Love of Common People(Click to hear the Song)
  • Thenmerkku
Inspired From:Dr.Alban(Click to hear the Song)
  • Oh Sona
Inspired From:Where Do I Begin(Click to hear the Song)
  • Pakadhe
Inspired From:Kelele(Click to hear the Song)
  • Kannai Kasakum Suriyano
Inspired From:Catch The Fox(Click to hear the Song)
  • 7/G Music
Film:7/ g Rainbow Colony
Composer:Yuvan Shankar Raja
Inspired From:Jhonny Climax(Click to hear the Song)
  • Haiyo Haiyo
Film:M.Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi
Composer:Srikanth Deva
Inspired From:Hatikama(Click to hear the Song)
  • Akkarai Cheemaiyil
Inspired From:Kites(Click to hear the Song)

  • Kadhal Vandurichu
Film:Kalyana Raman
Inspired From:Lady in Black(Click to hear the Song)
  • Kalyana Samayal Sadam
Inspired From:Laughing Sambha(Click to hear the Song)

Will catch you soon with some more
plagiarized songs


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Billa "Style Without Substance"

Sunday, April 6, 2008
Starred by Ajith, Nayanthara, Namitha,Prabhu.

The first expression when u see this film is "Rich,Style and Charisma" which the director has meticulously tried to show Ajith like that on the silver screen.When the initial announcement was made to remake the silver jubilee "Billa" starred by Superstar Rajnikanth, there were talks in the Kollywood that Ajith is no way going to match the style shown by Rajnikanth. But today he has made the whole film industry turn towards him.The man who stood beside encouraging him that he would reach a greater height remaking this film was none other Rajnikanth.

The director had told that he made some changes in the script of the film when compared to the "old" Billa.But in ma point of view,there were no such changes made by him.

The Cinematography of the film was awesome and the whole credit of showing Ajith and the film so stylish goes to him.

The daring stunts in the film performed by Ajith is appreciable.

I cant end this article without reviewing the songs 'My name is Billa' and 'Vethalya Potendi' makes our feet tap since they are remixed from their older versions.The other songs solely composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja does'nt impress the audiences much

+ in the Film


- in the Film

Wearing Glasses in every frame of the film.

Download Billa Songs:

User ID: totallyjobless21
Password: ifunblog



Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sledging in the game of Cricket

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sledging has always been a part of cricket.Even the great WG Grace did it. Once in an exhitbition match given out leg-before, he refused to walk and told the umpire: " They came to watch me bat, not you bowl ". And the innings continued.

Once, when the ball knocked off a bail, he replaced it and told the umpire: " That was the wind which took thy bail of, good sir."
The umpire replied: "Indeed, doctor, and let us hope thy wind helps the
good doctor on thy journey back to the pavilion ."

The best WG Grac
e sledge was on him, though, not from him. Charles Kortright had dismissed him four or five times in a county game - only for the umpires to keep turning down his appeals. Finally, he uprooted two of Grace's three stumps. Grace stalled, as though waiting for a no-ball call or something, before reluctantly walking off with Kortright's words in his ears: " Surely you're not going, doctor? There's still one stump standing."

Prasad Vs Sohail

Chasing India's score of 287-8, pakistan got off to a flyer of a start, Amir Sohail and Saeed Anwar went about tearing the Indian bowling attack. Pakistan looked all set to win as they reached 110 odd for the loss of just 1 wicket within the 15 overs. Amir Sohail was completely demolishing the Indian bowling to pieces, charging down the track to the faster bowlers , the ball disappeared into the fence in a flash .
What followed has since been in the memories of every cricket fan in the subcontinent. Sohail after hitting the shot pointed his bat the area where the bowl had disappeared and then towards Prasad apparently gesturing where he will send the next one .

Sohail attempting to repeat the shot made room and exposed his stumps, and his weakness, and in return lost his wicket and his face.
As the wicket fell, Prasad pointed Sohail to the pavilion showing a sign of heroism.

Steve Waugh Vs Curtly Ambrose

The two legends of cricket came face to face, literally and engrossed in a verbal duel in a test match in Trinidad. All the details were not known until Steve Waugh came out with his autobiography.

Ambrose repeatedly stared Waugh during a searing spell, and Waugh, who mocked at the Ambrose, said: " What the f*ck are you looking at? "
Ambrose was stunned because, as Waugh says (in his Autobiography), "no one had ever been stupid enough" to speak to him like that.
Ambrose replied, " Don't cuss me, man", before Waugh's response, which had nothing to do with bowling.
"Unfortunately, nothing inventive or witty came to mind, rather another piece of personal abuse: 'Why don't you go and get f*cked.' "
The Windies skipper Richie Richardson had a hard time keeping Ambrose from hurting the Aussie.

Sachin Tendulkar Vs Abdul Qadir

The year was 1989, the little master had recently made his debut in Pakistan. Sachin not even old enough to get a driving licence Sachin Tendulkar was facing the best bowlers in the business. As the Pakistani crows jeered and mocked Sachin holding out the placards saying " Dudh Pita Bhachcha ..ghar jaake dhoodh pee", (hey kid, go home and drink milk), Sachin sent the then young leg spinner Mustaq Ahmed hiding for cover (he had hit two sixes in one over. The frustaded mentor of Mustaq Ahmed the legendary Abdul Qadir challenges Sachin saying " Bachchon ko kyon mar rahe ho? Hamein bhi maar dikhao` (`Why are you hitting kids? Try and hit me.`).
Sachin was silent, since then we all have come to know that he lets his bat do the talking. Abdul Quadir had made a simple request and Sachin obliged, and how. Sachin hit 4 sixes in the over, making the spinner look the kid in the contest. The over read 6, 0, 4, 6 6 6.

McGrath vs Ramnaresh Sarwan:

Sarwan, the West Indies vice-captain, and McGrath went toe-to-toe in an ugly shouting match in Antigua in May 2003, The incident was sparked after Sarwan, on his way to a match-winning second-innings century, reportedly reacted to lurid taunts from McGrath by telling him he should get the answers from his wife, who was recovering from radiation therapy for secondary cancer. The details :

McGrath: "So what does Brian Lara's d*ck taste like?"
Sarwan: "I don't know. Ask your wife. "
McGrath (losing it): "If you ever F*&king mention my wife again, I'll F*cking rip your F*fing throat out."

Miandad Vs Lillee:

Miandad played Lillee to square leg and completed an easy run, with a collision taking place in the center. According to Miandad, Lillee had tried to block him in the path. After a verbal exchange, Lillee went ahead and kicked Miandad on his pads. Miandad, started charging towards Lillee with his bat lifted high above the head, as if to hit him. The umpire's intervention prevented what could have turned out to be a real assault had Miandad gone head with his plans. However, the picture of Miandad hurling his bat at Lillee made the whole incident look even worse, and was promptly declared as the most indignified incident in the history of Cricket.
Lillee's version, to this day, had Miandad first hitting him with the bat, and then swearing at him. He maintained that there was no contact from his side throughout the incident.

Dennis Lillee Vs Sunil Gavaskar

Dennis Lillee and Sunil Gavaskar, were involved in a war of words in the 3rd Test, MCG, February 1981. A historic win for India in that Test would definitely not have taken place had Sunil Gavaskar not calmed down. He clashed with Australian
fast bowler Dennis Lillee, who Gavaskar claims abused him after claiming his wicket and the Indian captain asked non-striker Chetan Chauhan to walk off the field, forfeiting the match. Gavaskar was batting on 70 when Lillee appealed for a leg before decision. Gavaskar showed his bat to the umpire, indicating he had 'nicked' the ball before it hit his pads. Angry words were exchanged between the batsman and the bowler, and Lillee even went to the extent of pointing to the batsman the spot where the ball had his pads. The decision went in favour of the bowler and as Gavaskar started his long, dejected walk back to the pavilion, Lillee turned around and abused him. That was it. Gavaskar snapped, and decided to forfeit the match.
Later, Gavaskar was to write in his book 'Idols': "That (the walkout) was the most regrettable incidents of my life. Whatever may be the provocation and whatever the reason, there was no justification for my action and I realize now that I did not behave the way a captain and sportsman should ."

Steve Waugh vs Parthiv Patel

Amidst all the hype surrounding his farewell match, Steve Waugh had to contend with an unexpected dose of his own medicine from a player half his age.
As Waugh fought a grim battle to stave off defeat in the series-deciding fourth Test in Sydney, 19 year-old Indian wicket-keeper Parthiv Patel tried to unsettle the veteran batsman through some shoutings.
The baby-faced Patel egged on the 38 year-old legend to play one of his sweep shots one last time.
The India 'keeper was saying, 'Come on, just one more of the famous slog-sweeps before you finish'
Waugh replied: 'Look, show a bit of respect. You were in nappies when I debuted 18 years ago' .


Movie Mistakes

Making a movie is not an easy job.All are bound to mistakes while shooting the same.So i have made some efforts to bring out the mistakes committed in some of the popular movies in the Hollywood.

Star Wars When the stormtroopers break into the control room, the stormtrooper on the right of the screen hits his head on the door frame. On the DVD release they've added a thump when he hits it.

Commando After chasing down Sully, the yellow Porsche is totally wrecked on the left side, until Arnie drives it away, and it's fine.

Gladiator In the "Battle of Carthage" in the Colosseum, one of the chariots is turned over. Once the dust settles you can see a gas cylinder in the back of the chariot.

Spider-Man In the scene where Mary Jane is being mugged by four men, Spider-Man throws two of the men into two windows behind Mary Jane. Then the camera goes back to Spider-Man beating up the other two guys. When the camera goes back to Mary Jane the two windows are intact.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines In the scene where John & Catherine are in the hangar at the runway, the Cessna's tail number is N3035C. When the plane is shown in the air, the number is N3973F. When they land, the tail number has changed back to N3035C.

The Matrix In the scene where Agent Smith is interrogating Neo, after Smith has sealed Neo's mouth shut and he is backed into the corner, when the camera cuts back to Smith you can clearly see a reflection in his glasses of Neo still sitting down in the chair.

The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Merry and Pippin were bound when taken by the Uruk-hai, and the bonds weren't cut until after they managed to escape during the fight. Yet, when the horse almost crashed down on Pippin, he had his arms spread out up near his face, not bound, even though they weren't cut until later. In the next shot, his hands are bound again.

Black Hawk Down Near the end of the movie when the convoy is heading back to the Pakistan Stadium, a Humvee stops briefly to allow a man to walk across the street with a child in his arms. When the shot changes and the Humvee begins driving again, a crew member or cameraman is seen inside the Humvee wearing a white shirt. All of the men who entered the Humvee were wearing fatigues.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets At the beginning of the scene near the end of the movie with Lucius Malfoy fuming at Dumbledore in his office, Malfoy's hair is fanned back behind his shoulders. The lighting in the room illuminates the back of his neck, where you can see his real, short brown hair.

American Pie In the bedroom scene the girl is holding a clear cup full of beer. The camera goes off her and when it comes back she is holding a blue cup. The camera goes back off her then on her and the cup is clear again.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Just as Jack says, "On deck, you scabrous dogs," to the very left edge of the screen over Jack's shoulder is a grip crew member with a tan cowboy hat, white short sleeve tee shirt and sunglasses, just standing there looking out to sea.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone The scene where Harry switches sides after a scene where he sits at the other end

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King In the second half of the film, Frodo has a scar on his lower right cheek, close to his chin. Many times throughout the rest of the film the scar changes position and size on his right cheek. It also appears on his left cheek in flipped shots (most obviously on the slopes of Mount Doom when Sam is cradling his head).

X-Men 2 In the end, when the President is visited by the X-Men, he receives a blue binder, which is laid in front of him on the table. When they have left, you see a shot including the President's desk, and you can see that the only thing he has on the table are some sheets of paper, stapled in the upper left corner, opened up. Then the shot changes to a close-up of the President, and then back again, and you see the blue binder in front of him, closed, and the papers have disappeared.

The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring In the scene where Sam and Frodo are in the field with the scarecrow, you can plainly see a car cruising past in the distance, from right to left. Further comment - there are two different shots which show the car moving from right to left. One starts at the top right distance, and in a shot a few seconds later the car has traveled down the road a bit and is more easily visible. Complicating matters is that the dust thrown up by the car looks similar to smoke from a chimney in the right distance, making some people think it is just the chimney. But chimneys don't move, and the smoke from the chimney is separate from the moving vehicle. [It is deleted on the DVD, but you can still see an obvious bit of image fakery on the hill just left of the smoking chimney. One can see the hill, tree, and surrounding area move up and down and shimmer slightly where someone has done a cut and paste to cover up the auto. The "car inclusive" scene appears on the National Geographic documentary, "Beyond the Movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring." Also, watch the music documentary on the Extended DVD - when it shows this scene the car is still in it. Bizarrely, in his commentary Peter Jackson said he never saw a car and doesn't know what people are talking about, but the production/post-production team say in their commentary that despite not thinking anyone would be able to see it, they took it out anyway.]

The scene where the hand disappears in the next scene from his shoulders.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day The T-1000 punches his body through the window of a helicopter to get inside. An instant later, the hole in the windshield is gone.

Ocean's Eleven Linus and Rusty are standing in the Botanical Garden at the Bellagio going over Linus' observations. Rusty has a cocktail glass of shrimp in hand. When they change angles he has a plate in his hand, then change back, it's a glass.

Spider-Man 3 During the fight scene with Sandman in the armor car, the Terminal Tower can be seen in the background, which is a landmark in Cleveland, Ohio (where the scene was shot), not in New York city.

The Matrix Reloaded During the scene where Neo is talking to Agent Smith in the park area where Neo was talking to the Oracle, there is a close-up on Agent Smith's face. In his sunglasses you can see a bright white screen to reflect the light onto the faces of the actors. This isn't visible in any non-reflected angles.

Titanic The lake that Jack told Rose he went for ice fishing on when she was threatening to jump is Lake Wissota, a man-made lake in Wisconsin near Chippewa Falls (where Jack grew up). The lake was only filled with water in 1918 when a power company built a dam on the Chippewa River, six years after the Titanic sank.