Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ban of Autos in Chennai

Saturday, May 31, 2008
Most of the people in Chennai would have experienced the "Pleasing" behaviour of an auto driver in Chennai.They are well known for their haphazard parking,flying in the streets,overloading,creating traffic chaos,etc.I am damn sure that they are the only reasons for the growing traffic in Chennai.There are about 10lakh autos in and around Chennai occupying most of the roads.I wonder why they fly on the roads during peak hours of traffic and not when the roads are empty.In Pondy Bazzar,the autos move slowly like Tortoise and you should also go behind these autos till they get a passenger and he boards the auto.Cant We stop this?

Ya we can by Banning autos in the Chennai.The another way is to stop issuing permits to new autos in the near future.Yesterday as I was returning from Office,traffic constables were diverting autos from entering Panagal Park due to the construction of fly overs.This is a welcoming measure from The Corporation of Chennai and I request them to do the same from Banning Autos from entering Chennai.
A daily newspaper has published about the growing auto stands in Chennai.A Police states"We do take steps to stop the growing amount auto stands with no permission ,disturbing the residents around them.But once we vacate the stand we get threatening calls from the Local Councillor.We are helpless".The auto drivers are influenced some of the local goondas and politicians.

Recently, a Chennaite has filed a petition in the High Court to ban autos in Chennai for creating chaos in the city.He states that Mumbai has banned autos inside the city likewise Chennai should also adopt the same.
Thanks to his efforts and it would be of great help if the higher authorities look up into this as a serious issue.


Monday, May 12, 2008

The Italian Job"A Racy Entertainer"

Monday, May 12, 2008
The film kicks off with the John Bridger (starred by Donald Sutherland) a safe cracker and Mark Whelberg, the mind behind the heist and few others which includes Steve(starred by Edward Norton),stealing millions of worth gold from a gang.But Steve becomes a traitor by killing John and escapes with the loot.

The rest of the gang team up with Stella Bridger (starred by Charlize Thereon), the daughter of John and also an expert safe cracker in her own style evolves a plan to take a revenge against the traitor.
The stunt and chase sequences were well shot and it was very well supported by a good score of background music.The character in this which i liked the most is that of the computer geek Lyle (starred by Seth Green) sweetly called as Napster in the film.
The scenes where Lyle hacks the traffic control system in Los Angels,the Mini Coopers zooming through the Metro Rail tunnel,detects the Truck where the gold had been kept with the help of the air pressure in the tyres was awesome.The dialogues in the film are also to be given a special mention.A sample of those:


The meaning of 'fine'-
f -freaked out
i -insecure
n -neurotic
e -emotional

The persons who are crazy about films like Ocean's 11,Gone in 60 seconds,The Bank Job etc. then "The Italian Job" is of that kind.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

City of God"Raw and Harsh"

Sunday, May 11, 2008
After a short nap in the weekend, i thought of seeing a movie.So i just went through my dvd collections.I just got hold of the movie "City of GOD".Initially i thought it was some kind of spiritual movie but it wasn't.
City of GOD is a movie based on a place called Cidade de deus in the interior parts of Brazil.It involves the harsh realities of the slum world such as drug rackets, gang war and violence. The movie is mainly based on two characters Rocket and Li'l Dice.During 60’s Tender Trio used to rule City of GOD, Li’l Dice joins them. Li’l dice was very ambitious, and step by step tender trio got eliminated and Li’l Dice become the biggest gangster.Benny is the best friend of Li’l Dice and they both become the Drug lords of the town.

While on the other end, Rocket the narrator of this movie is a photographer who earns by giving some good shots of the town which the other photographers fear to enter this area.

This film is a must watch one but for those who hate violence then this is not the film you are searching for.This film is the English version of the tamil movie 'Pudupettai' and 'Pattiyal'.Some scenes in the movie made me think"Is this really happened"?,"Are these really happening in this world"?.The narrator of this movie hails from Citade de deus.Thanks for him for bringing out such a raw,action packed and a harsh film.

Well to have a glimpse of this film,check out the trailer of this film.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nite out in Thiruvanamalai

Thursday, May 1, 2008
It was long since after our school tour(lollz...) me and ma frnds were out for a long trip.Suddenly an idea went through my mind,"Why dont we go to Thiruvanamalai"?.My frnds looked at me weirdly.I have been to Thiruvanamalai.Its usual for the devotees to go for Girivalam i.e.Considering the hill as Lord Shiva we go round it.Its not simple its about 18kms.Everyone thought that its just like Thirupathi to climb the hill but its not.Its just a walk going round the hill.I explained all this to ma friends and they accepted for it.We went by a Govt Bus coz there are no private buses operating in those routes.I know that we were going to enjoy for sure and night is the right time to start our girivalam and we started as planned.We took some nice shots to post it in Orkut(Lollz..)

1.Around 12 - The Start of our Girivalam

2.Around 1

3.Around 2

4.Around 3(As u can see the deserted road behind us)Awesome!!!!!!

5.In the lodge after our Girivalam

"It was one of the best nights ever spent in ma life.We had lots of fun and we decided to visit Thiruvanamalai once in every year."