Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resolutions 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010
Everyone is asking me as to what my resolution was??Well my answer for them "i don't have any".I have so far never taken any new year resolutions.Y don't i take one??No, i will take 'Some'(Idhula ena kanja thanam).I know that i won't be able to fulfill all my resltns,but i will try to do some few.I have listed out many things which i was not able to do these long yrs and some of those would be my New yr resolutions as there must be some "Driving Force"la.

1.Final Exams ku Padikanum
First and foremost i should prepare for my final exams to be held in Nov2010.Parpom,I dunno whether i m gonna write or skip this attempt(Lol..).I would like to classify the so called "Attending classes" as a sub-category.

2.Build my Body
To improve my physic to "Konjamavadhu Pakaradhuku"condition.

3.Learn Yoga
This is one of my serious resolution because its a long pending one.

4.Watch IMDB'S TOP 250
Being a movie freak,i should somehow complete IMDB'S TOP 250 films this year.I managed to complete atleast 25% last year.(Edhuku vena resolution edukalam nu solradhuku idhu oru example)

5.To free my Muscle Knots in shoulders

6.To bring a Flat Stomach(Adhavadhu ABS madiri,6 packs ila)

7.Last one,not to have any resolutions in the coming years!!!



Friday, January 8, 2010

Redefining Politics...

Friday, January 8, 2010
India is in need of a revolution. There were situations where Politics were in the hands of eminent persons but today the scenario turns out to be exactly the opposite.The recent happenings in the politics have forced me to write a post on this. I certainly have some questions, which has been pricking my mind for a long time.

Why, no politician in the ruling party has been convicted of any criminal/civil proceeding till date?

We know that politicians commit most of the unlawful acts but why aren’t we not able to stop them?

If the Govt is trying to bring a casteless community why is that every application for Govt jobs carries a column to specify our caste?

Why aren’t we able to change the face politics? Is it because of our attitude that Indians generally have?

If it possible for the Tamilnadu politicians to provide rice at a price of Rs.2/- then does it mean the Govt was making profits by selling price at higher prices?

Lawmakers are the lawbreakers in our country. The very definition of Democracy roots to “of the people, by the people and for the people”. But in today’s context it is “of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians”.

It is a shame for Indian Democracy that even after more than 50 years of its existence we neither have matured politicians who talk about guiding the country to a bright future during their election campaign nor have matured voters who vote for free colour tv’s instead look forward to elect a leader who can create avenues for the voters to participate in the development of the country and proudly EARN their decent living.

Coming to Resevations, admitting students of backward community through reservations in prestigious and premier institutions like IIT and IIM is not a welcoming trend, who don’t even manage to pass their entrance exams.This would have two major implications.They would stick to the BC community tag for generations and would enjoy the perquisites given to them Secondly,only few from the BC community would be able to do well and the rest would lag behind. This is does not imply that Backward Community people are less equipped, only that people coming with the comfort of Reservation at various stages are definitely less equipped. This would force the govt to carry out the reservations in the field of employment helping them to land up in pivotal posts in both the public and as well as private sector.If the Govt stops talking about the caste, there would be no such thing called Backward Community in another decade.

The historical parliamentary session which happened in the parliament few days back showed how money determines the leader of a country.How the politicians managed to bring such rupee bundles into the parliament?.It was clearly evident as how the public money is being EFFECTIVELY utilized.Shame on the part of the politicians.

Coming to the politics of Tamilnadu,the recent trend over here is the actors turning into politicians.The actors who portray themselves as a socialistic person,a man with high decorum on the silver screen, is not their image that they hold in their real life.They just choose politics as an avenue for their investment.Many of the poor and uneducated believe them to revolutionize the politics turn out to be scapegoat at the end.

We, the educated should indulge in politics replacing the existing ones who know nothing, but Politics.The very face of politics cant be changed unless the attitude of the people changes.